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Key Features

  • $9.95 Per Month
  • No Sign Up Fees, Hidden Fees, or Contracts
  • Unlimited Forms, Contracts, and eSignatures
  • Secure, Legally Binding e-Signatures
  • Save Time, Cut Costs
  • No downloads or plugins
  • Works with Internet Browsers, Smart Phones, and Tablets
  • Seamlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Billing

Are there any other fees besides the monthly fee?

No. There are no other fees.

I have other paid for services with StudioCloud. How does that work?

StudioCloud only has one monthly subscription for all of our services. As such if you subscribe to CloudForms you will be billed at the exact same time as the other services are billed.

Questions About esignatures

How many contracts can I have esigned?

There is no limit to the number of contracts you can have esigned.

Can I have personalized contracts created in StudioCloud?

Yes. The free version of StudioCloud can auto-generated contracts based on the client, event, or invoice information.

Can I select a document on my computer and have it sent to the client to be esigned?

No. StudioCloud currently only supports esignatures for contracts created in StudioCloud. You would need to copy the contract into StudioCloud before it can be esigned.

Questions About Custom Forms

How easy is it to customize forms?

StudioCloud provides an easy to use form creator that lets you quickly and easily create and edit forms.

Can I create contact us forms?

Yes, StudioCloud supports using the custom forms to create contact us forms as well.

How many forms can I create in StudioCloud?

There is no limit to the number of forms you can create in Studiocloud

Can I email the forms?

Yes. StudioCloud supports sending the forms as a link in an email to the customer.

Can I put a link on my website to the form?


Can I embed the form in my website?

Yes. The custom form can be embedded into your website using a iframe or by copying and pasting the custom form code into your website.

Can I edit the form code?

Yes. StudioCloud provides access to the form code. Please note that StudioCloud support is not available for forms that have been edited.

What happens when a client fills out the form?

When a client fills out the form an email is sent to your email address with the form details and a prospective client is created in StudioCloud's free business management software with the information in the form saved to the clients notes section.