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Key Features

  • $9.95 Per Month
  • No Sign Up Fees, Hidden Fees, or Contracts
  • Unlimited Forms, Contracts, and eSignatures
  • Secure, Legally Binding e-Signatures
  • Save Time, Cut Costs
  • No downloads or plugins
  • Works with Internet Browsers, Smart Phones, and Tablets
  • Seamlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software



CloudForms by StudioCloud provides you with online custom forms, personalized contracts, and eSignatures.

CloudForms By StudioCloud lets you easily build custom online forms using StudioCloud's CloudForms manager. The manager includes free sample forms as well as an easy to use user interface to create all sorts of forms.

CloudForms lets you quickly and easily create contracts and have them esigned

In addition, CloudForms also includes the ability to create personalized contracts and have them quickly and easily esigned by your clients on their computer, iphone, ipad, or other smart device.


Feature spotlight

Auto Tag Clients

When creating a custom form you have an option to auto-tag clients with a specific tag depending upon the form that they fill out. This easy to use option simultaniously reduces your workload and increases your marketing efficency by allowing you to focus your marketing dollars on specific types of client.